The BEST Gel Polish

Everyone is going to have their own opinion on this but, I feel like I have stumbled across quite literally the best gel nail polish IN THE WORLD. And I'm going to tell you what it is. I won't bore you with my life story, but a few years ago I was really struggling to... Continue Reading →

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How To Start A Press-On Nail Business.

Press on nails are the future, especially now that Covid19 has got us all on lockdown and we cant get our nails done. This article is going to tell you everything you need to know... for free!

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List of Everything: Pedicure edition

How do you know what to use for a pedicure? I guess it depends on what your goals are. Do you want to remove lashings of hard skin? Or just paint the nails with pretty colors? Read on to see all of your options in the "List of everything- Pedicure" If you're just looking to... Continue Reading →

I won an award!

I still can't actually believe I am writing this, but I won an award! On the 17th March 2019, the English Hair and Beauty Awards selected me as their winner in the category of "Creative Nail Technician of the year" A lot have people have asked me about the awards, and what I did to... Continue Reading →

Poly gel! Have you tried it?

You've probably seen this hot new craze to hit the nail scene over the past year or so. It started off as things normally do: one company comes up with a brilliant new idea, and then everyone else makes their own version. Sometimes the original is the best, and other times, you can find it... Continue Reading →

6 Ways To Arrange Nail Art Gems

I love the way gems look on nails.  And I have some seriously nice ones from Urban Sparkles  but admittedly, I can rarely think of a suitable placement for them when the big moment arrives and the client is staring at me awaiting a Pinterest worthy finish. So.... I have decided.  In true #bigceelittlecee nature, I'm... Continue Reading →

How To Do Nails Quicker

Hello and welcome to another nail tale told by yours truly. As you may have noticed, I troll around all the nail forums on Facebook and look for the most asked questions to write about in here. Something I've been seeing alot of lately is " how long does it take you to do a... Continue Reading →

Nail art for beginners 

DOTTING TOOL FUN              In the beginning. It's hard to do nail art for most people. You look for ideas on pinterest or instagram but everything looks so overwhelming.  But we all start somewhere and you need to learn to walk, before you can run!  Today I'm going to share... Continue Reading →

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