Highs and lows of being a mobile nail tech. 

I spent the longest year of my life being a mobile nail tech. It was one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences in my career.  I learned a lot through trial and error and if I were to do it all again, which I probably never will, I would have a much better idea... Continue Reading →

Nail art for beginners 

DOTTING TOOL FUN              In the beginning. It's hard to do nail art for most people. You look for ideas on pinterest or instagram but everything looks so overwhelming.  But we all start somewhere and you need to learn to walk, before you can run!  Today I'm going to share... Continue Reading →

Let your imagination run away. 

I love creating nail art,but I'm not the most creative person, and most of the time I just badly recreate other amazing people's ideas. Last week, while laying in bed trying to sleep, I had an original idea to make a nail that looked like the ruffles on an old fashioned dress,  it was a... Continue Reading →

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