5 Easy Valentines Nail Designs & Tutorials

From potential proposals to Cupid Killers, we have your valentine nail inspiration covered in this 5 Easy Nail Art Design Article.

6 Ways To Arrange Nail Art Gems

I love the way gems look on nails.  And I have some seriously nice ones from Urban Sparkles  but admittedly, I can rarely think of a suitable placement for them when the big moment arrives and the client is staring at me awaiting a Pinterest worthy finish. So.... I have decided.  In true #bigceelittlecee nature, I'm... Continue Reading →

Nail art for beginners 

DOTTING TOOL FUN              In the beginning. It's hard to do nail art for most people. You look for ideas on pinterest or instagram but everything looks so overwhelming.  But we all start somewhere and you need to learn to walk, before you can run!  Today I'm going to share... Continue Reading →

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