5 Easy Valentines Nail Designs & Tutorials

Valentines day is a short lived holiday but it’s still really nice to have nails to match the occasion. Plus, if you’re dating… You just never know if this is the day that he’s going to pop the question! You don’t want to be posting cute engagement photos with naked boring nails! Even if you can’t get to the salon, there are some easy designs you can do at home no matter your skill level! I’m not going to bore you with my life story before getting into the good stuff so lets just go to the nails!



These roses are one of my favorite designs to do because they’re so ridiculously easy but they look elegant and sophisticated. All you need is a contrasting color and a thin brush, dotting tool, or even a Bobby pin/Kirby grip. Just something to drag out some super thin lines into the shape of the petals. If you need help with this you can check out the tutorial on my YouTube channel. Click here to smell the roses.



Maybe you’re not into all that pink and frilly lovey-dovey valentine crap… I get it. But you still can have a set of shit hot nails to convey your hatred of the occasion. There’s plenty of barbed wire to keep cupid away, and they are a deep red, like the blood of you scorned ex’s. If you want to make these for yourself, check out this handy tutorial. Click here to keep Cupid away.



Who didn’t love the 90’s and all of the iconic fashion trends?! Maybe you weren’t even alive in the 90’s but I bet you still enjoy a bit of bubbly airbrush. Every one who was anyone had something lovingly sprayed into their nails, be it a palm tree or hearts or just a little ombre. So I’m not surprised that this trend has never died. But don’t worry, you don’t need to fork out hundreds on a machine to get the look, or even go to a salon. This is an easy design that you can do at home with just a few bright colors and a bit of topcoat. Here’s the tutorial. Click here to go back to the 90’s



Maybe your just wanting a bit of simple love on your nails. You can create a fun variety of hearts very easily. Have one, have 5, go big and make a different heart for every nail! Whatever you choose, here’s a tutorial to get your creative juices flowing Click here to feel the love



If you’re expecting engagement, there’s no better design than this. You want something soft and pretty that will be the perfect accent to your new bling. And if he doesn’t propose, at least you will have a nail full of “diamonds” to admire. Here’s the tutorial Click here to be proposal ready

That’s it from me for now, but if you’re looking for more valentines day inspired nail tutorials – Subscribe to my YouTube channel because I’ll be adding 5 more before Feb 14 2022 that you wont want to miss!
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