Bluesky gel Polish color swatch.  

Autumn & Winter collection 2017

Special thanks to Gel nails UK for sending me 4 samples of the Bluesky gel polish in return for some swatches and honest reviews. If you havent heard of Bluesky Gel Polish yet, or Gel Nails UK, this will be a good introduction for you!

The Blue Sky Gel Polish brand, is a hard wearing gel polish that can be cured under a 36 watt UV light, or the LED equivalent. Which is handy because not all of us have access to a combination lamp!

They have a full range of colors, including different textures, finishes, glitter, cats eye, color changing and classic collections. I’m going to be showing you 4 of the Autumn & Winter collection.

I think you will agree that these 4 colors are perfect for the colder months. As goes with all gel polishes I’ve used, these will last up to 14 days without chipping or fading when applied correctly. ( though I know with proper aftercare, they will last even longer) It’s always advised to use the same brand base & top coat. Some very smart people have put alot of work in creating the system as a whole so that you can get the best results, take advantage of the free science 😉

Bluesky gel polish is manufactured under strict conditions and all colors are European and British safety standards approved. Full MSDS sheets are available upon request. They don’t contain formaldehyde and luckily for our furry little friends, they are not tested on animals! Hoooray!

So let’s take a good look at the colors I picked! I did 2 thin coats of all colors, curing in between in my 48 watt combination UV/LED lamp for 60 seconds.

My favourite was the brown. No.63923.

It’s hard to find a rich brown that is true to its color, but this one is perfect! It’s so lush, I have caught myself eyeing up my nails during those moments where nothing but a big bar of chocolate will do!

In second place is the Blue, No. 63927.

If you’re like me, you’ve struggled to find a blue gel polish that doesn’t take 14 coats to cover the nail. I was so impressed with this one. I applied 2 thin layers and didn’t need any more. It’s a sort of pastel blue in natural cloudy light, but it does go a bit brighter and bluer under artificial lights or sun ( I haven’t seen the sun for more than a few minutes in weeks, but I assure you, this is the case).

Number 3 is the grey, or gray (depending on where you live 😉 No. 63928.

The color of this one is a bit lighter than the color on their website. But I still love it. I’ve never actually found a grey that I liked before and have been forced to mix black and white to get the color I wanted. Oddly enough… I always mix it to this exact shade! So for me, this is a winner 🙂

So last but not least, is the khaki green, No. 63929.

I’m not usually a fan of green, (especially since my husband is in the army and my house is full of green camouflage) but this was the first one I tried, and I kept it on my nails for quite a few days before swatching the rest, as my personal life got a bit hectic. I got a lot of compliments on this color and it certainly did grow on me. I have a khaki green from another company, but it’s a lot brighter than this. So that one doesn’t really fit the khaki bill as well as this Bluesky color.

I think my favorite part of these last three colors is that they are so soft. Like a falling snowflake. They are slightly brighter in different light, but they still stay true to their intended shades. I think they would look especially nice wit a bit of Matte Topcoat to soften them even more 🙂

You will find all of these products and many more at Gel Nails UK

Including brushes, and magnets for cats eye polishes and all other nail tech essentials. Prices start from £6.50 including P&P for the polishes, which is a great bargain for 10ml!

I’ve got the brown on my nails now and will be doing a full review on my YouTube channel after 14 days to show you all how well it’s held up! Subscribe now to see the results and see how easily it is to remove 🙂
Thanks for joining me in my first experience with Bluesky gel polish. I hope you’ve liked what you’ve seen and get some of your own colors to play with! When you do, don’t forget to tag #gelnailsuk and #bigceelittlecee on your social media so we can see your results.

Love you all


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