Let your imagination run away. 

I love creating nail art,but I’m not the most creative person, and most of the time I just badly recreate other amazing people’s ideas. Last week, while laying in bed trying to sleep, I had an original idea to make a nail that looked like the ruffles on an old fashioned dress,  it was a fleeting idea and nothing came of it really besides me screenshotting a couple of photos of old dresses and staying up way past my bedtime.

        Old dresses are just so beautiful. 

(my phone is full of screenshots I’ll never use, who’s with me?)
Then one day I was scrolling my Facebook, which should just be called “nailbook” now because I follow so many amazing techs. I saw a picture of a beautiful technique by Elegance Beauty , and I simply had to try it. I love the difference in textures and the variety of techniques in one nail. Usually, I keep each nail separate, in that I do one technique per nail. 3d, gems, stamping, freehand etc.. This nail incorporates it all beautifully.

Beautiful creation by Vanessa Bladen at Elegance Beauty.

So I sit myself down in my little nail corner I have set up in my bedroom and get to work recreating her design. Something happened to me that hasn’t happened in a long time… My imagination lit up! I really struggle coming up with ideas for nail art that haven’t been done before, but this time it was like my half planned out ruffle idea got tied together by this one nail.

I realised that the white raised sections of the inspiration nail were the perfect match to a ruffled dress! I’ve never made anything ruffly on a nail before, or anywhere for that matter,  but I’m not about to let this idea slip me! So I quickly grabbed my 3d gel and got to work laying strips, and pushing /pulling/squishing them into a ruffle. It was hard, I had to use my magnifying lamp and a toothpick, my eyes watered as I struggled to see each little ruffle.  But it was so worth it.

I decided on a pale yellow gel Polish for the color of the dress with a delicate lace stamp, and then added the raised lines on the side that look like pleats in fabric. This was my favorite part of the nail, by laying a line, curing it and re-tracing it with fresh gel, it creates a really lovely raised section. It’s so satisfying watching the line grow. And super disheartening when you come off track and it all bleeds together.( Almost like when you pick the fastest lane by chance, in a traffic cue. You feel smug, until the other lane moves quicker and you immediately regret your decision.)

Luckily, each line of paint is cured individually so you can just wipe it off and start over.
I put a matte topcoat on all the white sections and a high gloss on the yellow, then, added a 3d bow. Perfect!  I sat staring at these three nails for what felt like a lifetime, in awe of their beauty. I felt like a nail goddess! I actually came up with an original idea for nail art. 100% original. I’ve never seen anyone make a nail like my yellow nail before. As I was sat starry eyed on top of the world, it happened again! Imagination at work…. That perfectly beautiful yellow nail reminds me of someone…. Belle from beauty and the beast! Omg this is exciting now, I can create an entire set of nails based on this one original idea. I’ve got lots of ideas floating around in my head, and matching screenshots ofcourse 😉 I’m thinking, a 3d rose, golden stripes, negative space, glitter ombre, hand painted beauty and the beast… It’s never ending. I’m super excited to complete this set, but I have very little time to dedicate to nails. I’m aiming to finish it by the end of next week and I’m super excited to show you what I come up with.

So here’s my original idea in the middle, the first in a long time. And the two PINK recreations of the beautiful nails that inspired it all. Stay tuned for the amazing Beauty and the Beast set to follow!

Here are the products I used to create these nails :

Gelaze Primrose glow

Gelaze Bubble gum

Gelaze Satin Sheets 

Gelaze Matte Topcoat 

Gelaze Non Wipe Topcoat 

Missu 4d gel (Snow Queen)

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  1. Hi Courtney. I am desperate to find decent ivory pearls for nails that don’t rub off the shine. Can you help? Where you get yours from? Can’t seem to get any help on ntn site. Love your nails 😊 Many thanks. Mal.


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