We are going on a journey

Welcome to a very special journey! My journey to becoming a Nail Blogger!

As you probably noticed, my name is Courtney. I have been a professional Nail Technician for many years ( 6 as I write this post ) . I do have a problem though, and that is my location instability. Due to my husbands profession, my family and I have to move… a LOT. Sometimes to locations that I am unable to continue to add glitter and shine to all the nails of the locals. I am a firm believer in finding solutions to problems though, so that has led me here!

If I cant do nails, then I will have to help those who can 😉

I recently started a Youtube Channel to help other nail technicians/enthusiasts with specific techniques, and due to its success  ( and my boredom) I thought it would be fun to have a go at blogging all my creations. So now we will have a library of sort, that you wonderful followers could navigate easily.   I will also be doing some nail polish swatching and product review as I come across new things!


I don’t follow any blogs, I have a feeling that will change though. Cue to me spending my hours reading nail blogs and watching videos . Ill call it  “research” so I don’t bore you all to death. I really am looking forward to starting my journey as a Nail Blogger and I would love it if you came along!

If you want to see more of my work or get in touch, I have a Facebook Page and you can also find me on Instagram!!


Love Courtney

I’m a small ocean town girl, living in the big wide world .

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